All Policies shall be noted in the club handbook. The handbook is updated each summer.

Listed below are club policies and procedures that have been voted in by the Board of Directors and the date they are effective. .  

Individual Fundraiser Policy - Effective March 31, 2019

Locker Room Monitoring Policy - Effective October 31, 2018

Volunteer Requirement Policy UPDATED - Effective August 28, 2017

New Family Payment Policy - Effective August 28, 2017

COPPA Policy (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Policy) - Effective October 23, 2016

Volunteer Requirement Policy - Effective August 17, 2016

Unofficial Meet Registration - Effective Sept.1, 2015

Identifying "Volunteer" Coaches - Effective April 25, 2015

Paying a Coach for National Level Meets - Effective April 25, 2015

Event Proposal Process - Effective May 19, 2014

Fundraising Committee Process - Effective May 19, 2014

Reporting of Committee Minutes - Effective May 19, 2014

Policy for Board of Director Elections - Effective May 4, 2014

Policy for Athlete Representative Elections - Effective May 4, 2014

Policy & Steps for hiring an employee UPDATED - Effective Dec. 12, 2013
Pre-employment screening form

Relay Fees Policy UPDATED - Effective September 16, 2013

State Meet Volunteer Requirements - Effective July 29, 2013

Fundraising Form Policy - Effective July 29, 2013 

Relay Fees Policy - Effective July 29, 2013

Bullying Policy - Effective Nov. 1, 2012

Electronic Communication Policy - Effective Nov. 1, 2012
*please see policy I regarding team photos

A. Meet Registration Process
How to register for a meet.  Always use the meet registration form found on the website http://pellaswimclub.blogspot.com/ (under Meet Registration information).  The coach or web administrator will upload a pdf file or link to the official meet information.  It is the responsibility of the athletes and parents to print a form for each meet and fill out all the information.  The form may be down loaded and sent electronically to the coach is necessary.  Families can print off a form for each meet they plan to attend at the beginning of the season and store the forms  in the athlete’s folders.  Copies of the form can be made at the indoor pool for $1/copy.  The club will not be printing off separate forms for each meet.  It is the responsibility of the parents and athletes to read the meet descriptions and information.  If you have questions please contact the coach or board president. 
If you want to register for an unofficial club meet you can find that information on the ISI Website.  You will need to use the club meet registration form and you will need to communicate with the meet entry chairperson or head-coach your intentions to participate.  You need to contact them via email or phone so they know your intentions.  Dropping your paperwork off at the pool does not mean you are registered.  The meet entry chairperson or coach will then contact the club treasurer to see that the fees are paid.  If there is no meet entry chairperson the coach will handle the meet entries. 
All meet entries must have fees paid when the forms are turned in and will be due at noon 3 days before the meet entry opens.  If the deadline falls on a Sunday then the entries are due on Sat. at noon.  Example:  If the meet entries can begin on Thurs., May 15 then entries would be due at the pool by Monday, May 12 at Noon.  If the meet entries can begin on Wed., May 14 then the club meet entries would be due Sat. May 10 at noon.  If official team entries are submitted late and the meet is not closed – you will be accessed a late fee of $15 payable to Pella Swim Club and your entries will be entered.   This process gives the meet entry person plenty of time to put the meet together and gives our club the best chance at being accepted into all the OPEN meets we choose to participate in.  It is recommended entries for un-official meets follow these entry deadlines if at all possible.  No late fees will be accessed for un-official meets entries that can still be submitted after the recommended deadline.
When signing up for relays please indicate on the entry form what relays your athlete is willing to participate in and pay in advance.  If there is no relay then the money will be placed as a credit in your family’s club bank and you will be notified of the surplus.  Families are encouraged to keep a balance of $20-$30 in there account to cover relay costs.   At any time you can request a copy of your family’s club account activity. 
Once the meet entries are received the meet entry chairperson or coach will collect the entries and submit the entries via HyTek the first day the meet entries are accepted.  They will then send an email with the meet entry fees and meet entries to the treasurer so the fees can be sent to the host club.  The treasurer will place a hard copy in a binder of each meet Pella Swim Club has athletes participating in.  These records are to be kept for 3 years.
Our communications person or coach will do their best to send out entry reminders but ultimately it is the responsibility of the athlete and parent to meet the deadlines.  Visit the club website for updates and a listing of deadlines. 
The goal of this policy is to keep printing costs to a minimum and have the families take as much responsibility as possible when registering for the meets so the duties are shared by all not putting the burden on any one person. 
Effective June 1, 2011.  

B. Parent Information meeting
It is recommended a parent information meeting be held at the start of each season.  This meeting might include explaining: Club registration papers, the schedule, what is an official meet and unofficial meet, the parent handbook, any forms the club is required to file, fund-raising opportunities and the meet registration process etc…
Effective June 2011

C. House of Delegates representation 
It is highly recommended a board member and a senior athlete representative, attend the ISI House of Delegates meeting held in the Spring and Fall. 
Effective June 2011

D. Athlete Representatives
The Pella Swim Club shall have one athlete representative that represents the 12 and under athletes and one athlete that represents the 13 and over athletes. 
Effective May  2011

E. Team Suits and Uniforms   ON HOLD indefinitely Oct. 2011 - This will not be enforced.
All athletes will be required to wear the team suit at all official team meets.  If you own a championship suit (ex… LZR, Fastskin…) and want to wear it, permission must be granted by the coach in advance.  Athletes may be required to meet personal goals before permission to wear special suits is granted.  This is to help create cohesiveness and unity within the team.  Identifying with a team brings a great deal of pride, this is one way we can help achieve team unity with-in an individual sport.  An athlete may wear the previous or current year's team suit.
Effective Oct. 2011 

F. Book keeping guidelines and handling of funds and money 
Each family will have a separate account maintained with-in The Pella Swim Club.  To help protect the club and its members checks will be the only form of payment accepted for club dues and meet fees accept at the registration/information meeting that takes place at the beginning of the season.  The only time cash will be accepted as a form of payment is at the registration meeting or if the amount owed is less than $5.
 Effective June 1, 2011

***Amendment to the policy written to handle club funds:
Handling of CASH.  When a family chooses to pay for registration, meet entry fees or club uniforms via cash it is the responsibility of the family to ensure it is handed to the club treasurer or the executive officer that is handling the clubs funds.  Handed means physically handing the funds to the officer.  Do not leave cash in the money bag at the pool!  If you must leave cash at the pool, please place your payment in a sealed envelope marked Pella Swim Club and ask the pool manager on duty to place it in the safe.  Please then email the club treasurer or executive officer handling the money so they know it is at the pool. 
***NOTE: Pella is very lucky, in that we have a very trustworthy group of individuals working at the pool however it only takes one dishonest individual to remove money and all of the sudden your funds are gone and you are still liable for your expenses.
Effective Nov. 1, 2012

G. Team Records:
Achieving team records can only be done at an official USA sanctioned meet where athletes USA Identification numbers were used to register an athlete and times are entered into the Athletes’ USA data bank.  To achieve a relay record all relay members must be currently registered with the Pella Swim Club when the record is achieved.  The Iowa Games does not count for team records however times can be used to meet Q times for State meets.
Effective Dec. 13, 2011

H. Relays:
Relays will be assigned by the coach.  It is the responsibility of the athletes or parents of the athletes to pay for the expense incurred of being selected to a relay team.  If the club has money in a relay fund to cover this expense the club will do so.  If an athlete scratches a relay they are responsible for the costs incurred.  Open relays shall consist of athletes 13 years and older.  If a 12 and under athlete is chosen to swim on an open relay the coach will get permission from the athlete’s parent/s before making that assignment.
Effective April  2011

I. Photographs and Personal information:
Pictures are posted on our blog via the web after events our team has participated in.  Because pictures from these events can involve many, it is impossible for the team to guarantee in advance that any given child's picture will never be posted on the web.  However if you indicated on your registration form you do not want your child/children’s pictures posted we will make every effort to try and not post any pictures of your athlete.  The Pella Swim Club will happily remove a posted picture at the request of a parent or guardian whose child is in the picture. Please contact a current Board member to have this done.  Your athletes name may appear in the postings and club roster.  We will never post phone numbers or addresses of club members.  We ask club members to refrain from posting pictures of teammates on social networking sites such as Facebook.  Pella Swim Club will have a Facebook account to link pictures from.  THANKS!
Effective Feb. 2011

J: Team Logo
The official colors of the team logo are Red, Black and White.  This logo would become the official logo for our team and appear on official club papers, letter head and uniforms whenever possible. 
Effective Aug 2016


K. Determination of when a coach is required to attend an official meet
For official team regular season meets the following will apply with regard to the requirement of attendance and the compensation of a coach. 
1. Meets are generally to be compensated at a per meet or per session rate which ever includes more compensation based on time expected to coach as detailed in the coaches contract.  This compensation is assumed to cover all scheduled sessions & meetings for a meet.
2. When 3 or more athletes are registered for a session, the coach will be required to be in attendance. 
3. When there are 2 or less athletes registered for a session it will be at the discretion of the coach, president or vice president of the board to attend the session.  This decision is to be communicated by the coach to the swimmers registered for the session prior to the beginning of the meet.
4. In the event that the above standards allows the coach to eliminate an entire day at the meet; the compensation for the meet may be adjusted.
5. This policy only applies to the regular season meets not the State meets.
Effective Aug. 28, 2012

J. Late Fees:
Pella Swim Club has the right to impose a late fee of $10/athlete that turns in any form or makes a payment past the deadline set for all Pella Swim Club official business.  Any fees or expenses should be submitted and turned in prior to the deadline and with the proper paperwork.  Entries can be emailed to the coach and payment dropped off at the pool with-in 24 hours.  Late fees will be placed in the club’s general fund, no specific individual will benefit from these late fees.  It is up to the club treasurer or executive officer handling the finances and meet entries to impose a late fee.  The athlete’s family receiving the late fee will be notified via an email and the charge will be made to the family account.  Late fees shall be noted in the club ledger and family account, should a late fee be charged.   Should the family choose to not pay the late fee they may be asked to not attend club practices or meets.  The club understands that once in a while a form may get turned in late – if this is the case there would be no late fee.  This policy has been put in place for those families that chronically turn in forms late.  Chronic means turning in paperwork or making payments late more than 3 times with-in a 6 month period. 

*NOTE: The reason this is being implemented is due to a few families that have consistently turned in paperwork late.  The deadlines are in-place to ensure our club functions efficiently and gets entered into all meets.  We also need to be respectful of those from our club entering the information and sending in the payments and entries – it is a time consuming process and each time someone turns a form in late the process has to be redone.  Everyone needs to be respectful of those volunteering their time and energy.  Thanks!
**All families that fall under the definition of chronically late will be notified with-in 48 hours of the policy passing or becoming late. In the future should the family turn in paperwork late, the families account will be charged a late fee of $10/athlete for any forms turned in late.
Effective Nov. 1, 2012.