Monday, July 6, 2015

Sponsorship Drive

Pella Swim Club Families, 
It is time to kick off the club's annual Sponsorship Drive.  The Sponsorship Drive has raised over $14,000 through donations from local businesses and patrons over the past four years. The money raised has been used to purchase training tools, uniforms, team shirts and state team caps as well as pay for thousands of dollars worth of championship meet expenses and additional pool time for practices.

The club ask's that each family sign up for a minimum of 3-4 businesses to deliver the attached letter to. (If your family has collected or delivered to a business in the past you will find your name on that business - if you no longer want to deliver to that business just remove your name so another can pick up that business). Click here to access the sign up spreadsheet.  The list is not all inclusive, if there is a business from your community not found on the list please add it and fill in your last name.  Letters should be delivered to businesses by Monday, July 20. Then all businesses should be followed up by August 1. 

Steps to take:
1) Print letter/s (click here to download the letter).
2) Deliver letters to businesses by Monday, July 20 (Athletes are encouraged to deliver the letters).
3) Athletes follow up with businesses by August 1 (May want to leave a self-addressed stamped envelope and another copy of the letter).
4) Turn in all donations by Aug. 20 if at all possible.

Jyl DeJong & Stacy Bacorn will be overseeing the Sponsorship Drive.  Please drop donations into the club mail box or give to either parent.  At the conclusion of the drive they will be working with the athletes to send thank you notes and receipts to all that donated.