Tuesday, August 26, 2014

BOD Election Results

      (-) # of years left to serve

President: Melissa Webb (3)
Vice President: Bryan Gaylor (1)
Treasurer: Jyl DeJong (3)
Secretary: Kim Nedder (2)

Member at Large: Lori Eekhoff (2)
Member at Large: Jill DeVries (3)
Member at Large: Darci Hammer (3)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Cleaning up loose ends

Hi USA Club Families,
Cleaning up loose ends:
1) Sponsorship drive is wrapping up, the club has raised just under $2000 so far.  Please follow up with the business' your family delivered letters to.  If you haven't taken the time to sign up and deliver 2-3 sponsorship letters please sign up.  
---Monday, Sept. 8 will be the deadline to get sponsors names on the back of team t-shirts.

2) The following individuals have expressed interest in running for the Board of Directors:  If you are willing to run and your name is not listed below please submit your name before Friday, Aug. 22.
---Melissa Webb
---Darci Hammer
---Jyl DeJong
---Rishell Myers

3) If your athlete is interested in being an age group Athlete Rep. Please have then fill out the nomination form.  Due Friday, Aug. 22.  See club handbook for more information. The club athletes elect:
---one junior 12 & under rep. 
---one senior 13 and over rep.

4) Your Invited:
---What: Banquet/Annual General Assembly meeting
---Date: Sunday, Aug. 24
---Time: 5:00 PM
---Where: St. Mary's Catholic Church, Pella
---Cost: $4/person
---RSVP: before noon Friday, Aug. 22
*Should you RSVP and not be able to attend please email: PellaSwimClub@gmail.com before noon Saturday, Aug. 23. (Do not email coach Jennie - she will not be ordering the pizza.)
The following families have RSVP'd for the banquet:

5) Winter programming is coming together.  The Executive Board is finalizing the budget and securing pool time.  Programming information should be available sometime next week.  

6) Thanks to everyone for being so patient with the transitioning of the family accounts and books.  An apology to everyone for not receiving your final summer statements this past week.  Time got away from me.  All accounts are being updated this weekend.

7) If you haven't taken time to fill out the Time & Talent survey the club would love to hear from you.  

Melissa Webb
Pella Swim Club, President

Monday, August 4, 2014

New Mailing Address

Please begin using the following address for all official club business:
Pella Community Center
Pella Swim Club 
712 Union St., Suite 104
Pella, IA 50219

Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer Wrap Up

1) Save the date: Sunday, Aug. 24 - 5:00 PM - St. Mary's Catholic Church Summer Banquet/Annual Meeting with board elections/Winter Registration (cost is $4/person - please note if you RSVP your family will be billed for the banquet even if you do not attend - RSVP here )

3) Please fill out a Time and Talent Survey - The General Assembly (also known as club membership) will be electing 3 board members this fall.  If interested in serving the club in this way please contact any current board member or fill out a Time and Talent Survey.

4) Athlete Rep. & Board Nominations Form - If you have already expressed interest in serving on the board you do not need to fill out this form.  The club encourages all athletes that have been with the club to run for athlete rep. nominations due Friday, Aug. 22.

5) Congrats to all our Post Season and Championship swimmers!  Watch your local papers for highlights, multiple press releases have been submitted to Knoxville, Pella, Ottumwa and Newton newspapers.  A huge thanks to Darci Hammer, Julie Purvis, Jennifer Prendergast, Rob Warner, Bryan Gaylor, Kurtis Webb & Kenney Nedder for helping our club meet the required service hours at the LC State meet past weekend.  

6) The Sponsorship Drive is in full swing.  If you haven't signed up for a business or delivered any letters please consider signing up for 2-3 businesses. This is our club's biggest fundraiser.  Team uniforms and 100% of all championship meet fees where paid through the dollars raised last year.  Those athlete families outside of Pellla are encouraged to share the letter with their local communities.  In the past and already this year the club has received great support outside of Pella.  

7) The Pella Post Office has once again changed our club address, it shall read: Pella Community Center
Pella Swim Club
712 Union St. (Suite 104)
Pella, IA 50219 
We are hopeful this will be the last change and the club's permanent address.  ​

8) Final summer statements will go out to each family over the next 7 days. Every family will receive a statement with all of the summer season's transactions.  If your family has not brought your account current based on your July invoice you will  be charged a late fee as of Aug. 4.  All accounts were due July 20.  The deadline was extended through the end of the month due to mail issues.

9) Winter programming information/registration will be available the week before the summer banquet on Aug. 24.  

10) Photobucket pictures from the summer season have been made available to all club members.  Most pictures are of Senior swimmers.  Should you have pictures of the 12 & Under swimmers to share please emailpellaswimclub@gmail.com for the information to upload and share.  

Thanks for a GREAT Summer!
Melissa Webb
Pella Swim Club, President