Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2014 Sponsorship Drive

Annual Sponsorship Drive

Start Date: July 1
Estimated Completion Date: July 31

Over $4,000 was raised last year through generous donations from local businesses and grants received.  

What was the money used for:
1) Team Uniforms – team suits, caps, t-shirts & coaches shirts
2) 100% Championship meet entry fees paid
3) Secure additional pool time Summer 2014

What to do to participate:
1. Sign up for 4-12 businesses on Google docs – Yellow Column
a) If your family has participated in the past & collected money from a business then your family has been assigned those businesses again (please remove your name from the spreadsheet if you would rather not collect from a specific business)
b) Print and deliver letter provided to business/s (2014 Sponsorship Letter)

2. By Thurs., July 18th – Have all letters delivered.
a) Athletes are encouraged to make the connections with the businesses & wear club shirts. 
b) Last year it took our athletes approximately an hour to deliver 12 letters.
c)  Script to use if your athlete is nervous about approaching a business – included are facts about our club.

Note: some businesses will ask about the club and want more details, others will reach into their cash registers and hand you cash (please have an envelope ready to keep all donations in) while others will kindly let you know they do not participate in these types of fundraisers.  Please make notes on the Google docs spreadsheet.

3. By Monday, July 28th - Follow up with the businesses you delivered the letters to, this is critical to collecting the sponsorship funds.
a) Plan to leave a self-addressed envelope addressed with the business. Some will mail in their donations. Please use the address below:
Pella Swim Club, Att. M. Webb, 712 Union St, Pella, IA 50219 
b) Each family will need to supply the postage and envelopes for their assigned businesses.

4. Thurs., July 31 –  Drop money collected & paperwork into lock box at Pella Community Center and update totals collected on Google Docs.  If you do not live in Pella please email: to make arrangements for someone to pickup the donations.