Thursday, May 16, 2013

Club Updates

Thanks to all who voted and filled out the feedback survey:
Board Posititons have been filled:
President - Melissa Webb (
Vice President - Dave Hanson 
Secretary - Kim Nedder 
Treasurer - Michelle Papendick 
Member at Large - Bryan Gaylor 
Member at Large - Lori Eekhoff 
Head Coach - Jennie Hedrick-Rozenberg  (
*Any necessary training will begin promptly so officers can begin taking on duties ASAP.
*All payments and financials will continue to be handled by Melissa until June 1 at that time we should have  proper paperwork signed and in place for Michelle to begin taking over.  

Do you or your spouse work at Pella Corporation?
If so please consider filing a Volunteer Recognition Program Grant application naming Pella Swim Club as your chosen recipient.  
The requirements:
1.You may apply every six months deadlines are May 31 and Nov. 31
2.You and your spouse may each apply
3. You must itemize all volunteer hours - they do not need to be all for your chosen non-profit - some hours might be for your church, others for Pella PTO, some for Pella Swim Team and others for Pella Swim Club.  They must total 50 hours of volunteer time to qualify for the $100 grant.  
*The Pella Swim Club has received over $800 through the VRP - If you or your spouse work for Pella Corporation please consider taking the time to file the paperwork and name Pella Swim Club as your chosen recipient.
Please note: All Platinum and Gold swimmers have practice this Friday, May 17 (this practice was accidentally left off the original - see final calendar with all updates and assignments.