Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Board Meeting Tues., May 28 @ 6:15 (OUTDOOR POOL)

Agenda: Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Balance on hand 
            Estimated Summer expenses: $3140 (Coaching, pool rental, est. champs fees)
            Estimated Banked amount left at end of summer: $441.35

Officer Reports:
A. Coaches Report –

Old Business:

New Business:           
A. Go over Officer Duties – revisit spreadsheet
            Current Board:
                President                                              Melissa Webb
                Vice President
                                     Dave Hanson                                       
                                              Kim Nedder
                Treasurer                                              Michelle Papendick                                                           
                Members at Large
                               Gaylor, Eekhoff
                Safety Officer/Head Coach               
Jennie Hedrick-Rozenberg
C.  Concerns
D. Summer Fundraising
                1) July 4 – Ragrbrai – etc…
                2) Sponsorship drive – see sign-up sheet
                3) Other
E.  Pella Community Foundation grant app. ideas – will be asking for Kim N to assist with application
.  Theisen's grant app.  ideas - will be asking for Kim N to assist with application

G. E-fundraising reminder through website – magazine subscriptions and restaurants
H. Other business