Thursday, November 8, 2012

Notes from the Coach

Rec practice starts this week; be sure on Tues/Thurs that we also have USA practice that your swimmers drink plenty of fluids throughout the day and at practice, WATER BOTTLES are not an option at practices! They also need to eat something as soon as they are done with their rec practice and before their USA practice.

DMSF Meet - November 10-11:

·         Entry list 

·         Meet info:
o   Saturday AM
§  12&Under Girls, 10&Under Boys
·         9:00 arrive at pool
·         9:15 warm-ups
·         10:30 meet starts
o   Saturday PM
§  13&Over Girls, 11&Over Boys
·         NB(not before) 2:15: arrive at pool
·         NB 2:30: warm-ups
·         NB 3:40 meet starts
o   Sunday AM
§  12&Under Girls, 11&Under Boys
·         7:15 arrive at pool
·         7:30 warm-ups
·         8:40 meet starts
o   Sunday PM
§  13&Over Girls, 11&Over Boys
·         NB(not before) 12:15: arrive at pool
·         NB 12:30: warm-ups
·         NB 1:40 meet starts
·         Location – This meet is at VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL in West Des Moines
Team Goals from the coach for this meet: (If we accomplish this we will have a prize for all!)
·         NO DQ’s
·         25 Q-times accomplish between all swimmers

Upcoming Events:
·         November 5: First REC practice
·         November 6: Practice 5:45-7:15pm
o   Maddie, Alexis, Smita, Caleb, Hank, Jake, Samantha, Josh, Kira, Isaak, Jeannie
·         Novmeber 9: Practice 4:45-6:00pm
o   Carver, JJ, Charles, Danny, Zach, Jacob, Alexa, Hannah, Kunal, Nathan, Isaac, Eli
o   Kira, Josh, Samantha, Jake, Isaak, Jeannie – come practice on your own at the same time (I will have workout printed and ready, you can do it as a group to push each other)
·         November 10-11: DMSF Meet @ Valley High School, West Des Moines – info above
·         November 14: Practice 2:30-3:30:
o   Josh, Samantha, Samantha, Kira, Isaak, Jeannie, Maddie, Alexis, Smita, Calebe, Hank, Eli, Zach, Carver, JJ, Charles
·         November 16: Practice 4:45-6:00:
o   Jake, Josh, Samantha, Kira, Isaak, Jeannie, Maddie, Alexis, Smita, Caleb, Hank
·         Novmeber 20 Practice:
o   5:45-6:30: Zach, JJ, Eli, Carver, Charles
o   6:30-7:15: Maddie, Smita, Alexis, Caleb, Hank
o   5:45-7:25: Jake, Josh, Samantha, Kira, Isaak, Jeannie
·         December 8-9: ICE Meet @ Mercer Aquatic Park in Iowa City
·         January 12-13: All Star Meet in Lawrence, KS (must apply)
·         January 26-27: CIA Meet @ Summit MS in Johnston
·         February 15-17: 12&Under Championships
·         February 21-24: Senior Championships

Coach Jennie
Head Coach of the Pella Swim Club