Monday, November 12, 2012

ICE meet ...

This weekends’ meet was AMAZING!!!! We had 26 total Q-times made!!!!! Nice work! We did have one DQ, but that was MUCH better than the last meet. I am so excited for the future of our team.

The ICE meet is up next, I am hoping to have the invite for that meet this week. We will need to have entries in the DAY the invite comes out so if you want to help me out with this here is what you can do:

1.      Reply to this email and tell me if you are planning on attending

a.       Tell me which day(s) you wish your swimmers to attend

b.      Tell me your time restrictions

Here is an example:

·         “Samantha will be swimming both Saturday and Sunday of the ICE meet she will not be able to be there after 2:00pm on Saturday and not before 12:00 on Sunday. Please do not have her swim up in open events if at all possible. Thanks”

Thank you ahead of time for your help!

Upcoming Events:

·         November 14: Practice 2:30-3:30:

o   Josh, Samantha, Samantha, Kira, Isaak, Jeannie, Maddie, Alexis, Smita, Calebe, Hank, Eli, Zach, Carver, JJ, Charles

·         November 16: Practice 4:45-6:00:

o   Jake, Josh, Samantha, Kira, Isaak, Jeannie, Maddie, Alexis, Smita, Caleb, Hank

·         November 20 Practice:

o   5:45-6:30: Zach, JJ, Eli, Carver, Charles

o   6:30-7:15: Maddie, Smita, Alexis, Caleb, Hank

o   5:45-7:25: Jake, Josh, Samantha, Kira, Isaak, Jeannie

·         December 8-9: ICE Meet @ Mercer Aquatic Park in Iowa City

·         January 12-13: All Star Meet in Lawrence, KS (must apply)

·         January 26-27: CIA Meet @ Summit MS in Johnston

·         February 15-17: 12&Under Championships

o   Alexis, Caleb, Hank, Hannah, Maddie

·         February 21-24: Senior Championships

o   Isaak, Jake, Jeannie, Josh, Samantha


Coach Jennie

Head Coach of the Pella Swim Club