Friday, August 31, 2012

Meeting Minutes Aug. 28

The annual meeting was held at Jennie's parents home and was called to order at 7:45 PM. DeVries, Hanson, Gaylor, Bailey, Hedrick & Webb were present.

Officer Reports:
A. Coaches Report – Summer Athlete Awards were presented.

Old Business:
A. A Vote on the Proposed Policy was taken and the policy passed 
Determination of when a coach is required to attend an official meet
For official team regular season meets the following will apply with regard to the requirement of attendance and the compensation of a coach. 
  1. Meets are generally to be compensated at a per meet or per session rate which ever includes more compensation based on time expected to coach as detailed in the coaches contract.  This compensation is assumed to cover all scheduled sessions & meetings for a meet.
  2. When 3 or more athletes are registered for a session, the coach will be required to be in attendance. 
  3. When there are 2 or less athletes registered for a session it will be at the discretion of the coach and President or Vice President of the board to attend the session.  This decision is to be communicated by the coach to the swimmers registered for the session prior to the beginning of the meet.
  4. In the event that the above standards allows the coach to eliminate an entire day at the meet; the compensation for the meet may be adjusted.
  5. This policy only applies to the regular season meets not the State meets.
New Business:   
Balance on hand was $1,500.75.  Melissa presented financial statements for 2011-2012.  Please note $105 difference then sheets - $105 was deducted from both summer and winter 2012 budgets.           
A. Election of officers took place they read as follow
            Current Board:
                President: Melissa Webb
                Vice President: 
Dave Hanson                                         

                Members at Large
: Gaylor, DeVries

                Club Sponsorship/Fundraising:         
                Recreation Board Liaison
                Athlete Member: to be elected this fall by athletes
                Safety Officer/Head Coach: Jennie Hedrick-Rozenberg
B Fall programs: & fees – Were accepted by general assembly. 
            Registration Sept. 14 first $100 due
2nd installment next $100 due Oct. 31     
3rd installment next $100 due Nov. 30
4th installment Balance due Jan. 3
C.  Calendar: Winter 2012-2013 (athlete’s to receive calendar assignments once registered)
D.  Sponsorship $’s - Athletes signed thank you's and donation receipts. A report was sent around with businesses and total dollars collected to date.
Dollars to be used in the following order: 
                1st: $250-$500 team t-shirts & caps & posters
                2nd: $500-$800 More practices and pool time
                3rd: $350 Set aside for relay fees at state
                4th: $500-$1000 Championship meet fees–State, All-Stars, Sect.,Etc
                5th: $250 Tempo Trainers
                6th: +$’s each athlete a $ amount for entry fees & carry to summer
E.  Pella Community Foundation grant app. ideas – willing members to fill out? 
F.  Theisen's grant app. apply for tempo trainers – due Aug. 31
GE-fundraising reminder renew magazine subscriptions and purchase restaurant vouchers through this program - our club gets 40% of the purchase price
H2013 SPLASH BASH dates: 

March 22 (4th, 5th, 6th grade indoor pool) Must pick a new date - Regionals in MN

May 31 (7th & 8th grade dance outdoor pool)?
I. Fundraising ideas: (looking for a coordinator for each)
                1. Bake sale in Dec._________________________________________
                2. Can drive ______________________________________________
                3. Smoothie bar at home and state Rec.?______________________
                4. Other ideas_____________________________________________
J. Meet Registration/Deadlines – Please use form – we will do our best to fill in fees – please respect deadlines
K. Report from Leadership training Aug. 28 - Club is a business - financial reports will be shared each year.  Melissa is looking into having paypal as an option to pay for meets and registration.
L. Other business proposed