Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sponsorship Drive

The Pella Swim Club would like each family to assist with the drive again this year.  Over $5,000 was raised last year through generous donations from local businesses and Grants received.  Approximately $4,000 went towards purchasing the lane ropes for the outdoor pool.  The rest of the money was used to purchase traffic cones, team shirts, swim caps and coaching hours for the team.
What to do:
1. Sign up for 10-15 businesses on Google docs – Many of you have already done this - if you do not sign up – your family will be randomly assigned businesses to deliver the letter to.  Please sign up by Tuesday, July 3

2. Download the sponsorship letter, print it and deliver it to the 10-15 business your family has been assigned by Thursday, July 12th.  Athletes are encouraged to make the connections with the businesses and wear their team shirts, preferably the one with the sponsors on the back.  Last year it took our athletes approximately an hour to deliver 12 letters.

            Script to use – if your athletes are unsure of what to say:
            Hi my name is ______________and I/we am/are with the Pella Swim Club.  We are holding our annual sponsorship drive and would like to share this letter with your business, we are a 501c3 non-profit and all contributions are tax deductible.  We will be back on _____________to follow-up with your business.  Thanks and have a nice day!  

 A few fun facts about the USA club.  
A) The club has had a total of 24 registered athletes since Dec. 2010, of those 24 athletes 12 have earned times that placed them in the top 20 for various individual events  and of those 12 - 6 have earned times in the top 10 over the last 2 years. 
B) Two of our athletes have been selected to the Mid-west All-stars team representing the state of Iowa the past 2 years. 
C) 1 athlete attended the national zones meet last summer after earning a AAA time in an individual event. 
D) Our current swimmers range from 7 - 18 years old.
E) The club currently has 9 swimmers with Qualifying times that have earned the athletes invitations to the State meet at the end of July this year.  

Note: some businesses will ask about the club and want more details, others will reach into their cash registers and hand you cash (you may want to have an envelope ready to keep all donations in) while others will kindly let you know they do not participate in these types of fundraisers.  Please note all of this on the Google docs spreadsheet.

3. Please make sure and follow up with the businesses you delivered the letters to before Thursday, July 26th - this is critical to collecting the sponsorship funds.
A. Revisit businesses and collect the sponsorship dollars And
B. Plan to leave a self-addressed envelope addressed to Pella Swim Club, Att. M. Webb, 602 E. 8th Street, Pella, IA 50219 for the business to mail in their donations if they have not had a chance to look over the letter or need more time.  Each family will need to supply the postage and envelopes for their assigned businesses.

4. Please remember to update the spread-sheet found on Google docs with notes and deliver money to Melissa.  The notes will help us for future sponsorship drives.

Side Note:The drive is being held in July this year to avoid all the back to school fundraising that happens in Aug.  

5. There will be a team meeting in late Aug. early Sept. to go over Fall programs and write thank yous.

Thanks to everyone dedicated to making this  project a success.  
Many hands make for light work.