Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Parent Meeting Minutes May 23

The meeting was called to order at 5:55 PM on Tuesday, May 24
Balance on hand $2,460.65
A. $200 collected from service hours at Pella Corp. in Jan and $200 more coming
B. Lane ropes were purchased from - cost below:
*6 red lane ropes with tightening reel $2,009.70
*Storage reel for ropes $1,251.75
*Storage reel cover $131.95
Break down of Grant money received to pay for ropes:
*$1000 Theisen’s 
*$2200 Pella Comm. Foundation
*$193.40 Pella Rec. Swim Team
Team picture to be taken for newspaper 
Wed. June  6th @ 9:50 by outdoor pool – please wear your USA team t-shirt.

C. Rolscreen Foundation Services hours due 5/31 – Pella Corp. Employee's and their spouses-use this form to submit
D. Total summer budget $1315– Collected $1014 (Using $300 from general  fund surplus to pay difference)

A. Summer registered 10 athletes – discussed how to go about recruiting more
B. Fall intentions (Smita, Isaak, Madeline yes…)
See programs proposed and estimates below
12/13 ISI Meet schedule – will need to select team meets – one each month
C. Sumer Splash Bash dollars left over $45 – 
Do you want to be able to carry over or use for summer?
D. Meet registration Form/Deadlines – please use the form provided by the club – Jennie and I will work together to have a form filled out with the specifics for each meet  -  Starting in the fall the club will likely be imposing a late meet registration fee of $5-10 if you do not register on time
E. BLAST meet coaching - Jennie is not currently scheduled to coach - (if each family would pitch in $20 we could pay Jennie for one day)
F. Olympic Trials bus trip – if someone wants to coordinate see Melissa for contact information
G. Sponsorship drive – July 1-Aug 1. –
                1)Each family is encouraged to deliver 10-15 letters and follow up with a pick up day 2 weeks later.  All sponsorship dollars should be turned in by Aug. 1. (If your family can only deliver 5 letters then just sign up for 5)
                2)Click here to sign up for businesses your family would prefer to deliver letters to.
                3)Click here to read the proposed Letter.
H. Fundraisers – July 4th food stand – bake sale – glow sticks  - popcorn – cold or hot drinks?
I. CASH in money bag – did anyone pay entry fees with cash? Checks only please.
J. Swim Caps – If yours is broken or torn please let Melissa know we have a few extra’s
*Meeting adjourned at 6:15
**Respectfully submitted by Melissa Webb 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Parent meeting Tues., May 22

Parent meeting 
Tuesday, May 22 5:45-6:45 - 
during practice.

Good news! There is not a terrible amount of assembling to do on the lane ropes - they are assembled. 
The club just needs to assemble the reel and put the ropes on the reel.  

          Feedback is wanted regarding the future of our club and the direction the families would like to take it.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Some questions to ponder for Fall?

Please share your thoughts with Melissa or Jennie
  1. Is the club meeting your athletes needs and expectations?
  2. What are your intentions for Fall/Winter? 
  3. What is working? What isn't?
  4. How do we grow our numbers?
  5. Is your family willing to deliver the corporate sponsorship drive letters and pick them up?  A rough draft of the letter for all to review and revise will be at the work sessions below.
  6. How would you like to see the corporate sponsorship drive dollars spent?  
  7. How would you like to see the unused SPLASH BASH summer service credits used - carry over to winter or must be used this summer?
Work sessions
are needed to assemble the outdoor lane ropes - 
this would be a perfect time to share your feedback:

*Thursday, May 17 5:45-6:45
*Monday, May 21 5:45-6:45
*Tuesday, May 22 5:45-6:45