Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Club Bake Sale Scheduled

Friday, Dec. 16

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Time to still be finalized: 2:30-6:30PM?
(Based on sign up sheet)

1) Our club will be hosting a bake sale of homemade goodies outside of the Pella  Walmart.  
2) Each athlete will be asked to bring 3-6 dozen or more of something to sell.  You will be asked to prepackage items so they are ready to sell.  Please attach a card with the items name ex. chocolate chip cookies, schotcheroos...
3) The money raised will go towards meet entry fees and miscellaneous club expenses.
4) Click below to sign up for a time to work and list what you think you will be bringing. 
5) Little Pods will be practicing from 4:45-5:45 that night - we will need the older athlete's to cover this time
6) Deliver items to Melissa at Thursday, Dec. 15 Recreation Practice - this will give her time to price items on Friday.

"Many hands make light work"! (John Heywood)