Friday, September 30, 2011

Team Suit Policy - On Hold

It appears the team suit that the Recreation team had for Summer is being discontinued and a new suit has been selected for rec. team. For now lets try and wear a red and black suit for our official swim meets. If you want to order a suit from the Rec. website that will work to. The suit policy the club put in place in May will not be enforced this season. Everyone will receive a team t-shirt and cap included with their registration fees. Swimmers are encouraged to wear those two items to the meets. Melissa will meet with suit reps this season to try and work with Jennie to select a suit that will be around for many seasons.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Registration Extension - Till Oct. 6

Programs being offered for Winter 2011/2012

Please note new Billing options:

Dolphins Billing option: Total $235 as laid out below or paid all at once. (estimated $44/month)
$100 due now  - includes USA and Pella Swim Club Dues
$80 due Dec. 1
$55 due Feb. 1

Little Dolphins Billing options: Total $110 as laid out below or paid all at once. (estimated $22/month)
$65 due now - includes USA dues
$45 due Dec. 1 includes Pella Swim Club Dues etc...

Please contact Melissa Webb at 627-5123 or
Email with questions.  Registration forms can be found on-line and are available at the pool.

Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM on Monday, Sept. 26 - there were 5 families present
Balance on hand $820.96
A. Over $500 collected for Sponsorship dollars – donations still coming in
B. Pella Community Foundation Grant App. Due 11/15 – requesting communication supplies (laptop and bulletin board)
C. Rolscreen Foundation Services hours due 11/30 – Pella Corp. Employee's and their spouses see Melissa for form to submit (2 parents to try and turn in hours)

Officer reports:
A. Rec. Liaison: No Report
B. Athlete Rep. No Report         
C. Corporate sponsorship - Turn in collected sponsorship $’s ASAP – and update spreadsheet

A. Registered athletes – discussed how to go about recruiting more
B. Bulletin board for communication at pool could be a great tool to share our club activity - has been secured and board will be hung by Monday, Oct. 3
C. General Assembly gathered briefly and elected the board:
D. Tabled Proposal J – to discuss at a later date
E. Board met - removed a few practice sessions for Dolphins and will have a paid coach only 1 day at official meets - likely Saturdays - will help balance budget based on enrolled athletes
F. Olympic Trials bus trip – Melissa still working on - estimated cost $100-$125/seat – to include one finals session and one prelims session
G. Team t-shirt design was shared

*Next meeting TBD
**Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM
***Respectfully submitted by Melissa Webb 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Agenda for Board Meeting Monday, Sept. 26

Agenda: Monday, Sept. 26, 2011 - 
**meeting to take place immediately following General Assembly meeting

Balance on hand $820.96.

Officer reports:
            *Rec. Liaison:
            *Corporate sponsorship - families turn in any collected money and give update to club

Coaches Report:

Old Business:
A. Vote on
Proposal J Determination of when a coach is required to attend an official meet
For official team regular season meets the following will apply with regard to the requirement of attendance and the compensation of a coach. 
  1. Meets are generally to be compensated at a per meet rate as detailed in the coaches contract.  This compensation is assumed to cover all scheduled sessions & meetings for a meet.
  2. When 3 or more athletes are registered for a session, the coach will be required to be in attendance. 
  3. When there are 2 or less athletes registered for a session it will be at the discretion of the coach and President or Vice President of the board to attend the session.  This decision is to be communicated by the coach to the swimmers registered for the session prior to the beginning of the meet.
  4. In the event that the above standards allows the coach to eliminate an entire day at the meet; the compensation for the meet may be adjusted by the number of session on that day at a per session rate based on the full meet compensation rate divided by the total number of sessions scheduled for the meet.
  5. This policy only applies to the regular season meets not the State meets.

B.  Review Policies K(progams),L(sponsorship $’s),M(Logo)that passed
.  Pella Community Foundation grant app. started
.  No word on Theisen's grant app.

New Business:           
A. Discuss Quorum at meetings - may need to amend by-laws - feedback needed?
B. Phase 2 of sponsorship dollar allocation - input
C.Elect officers
Proposed slate for the Board - we will need to approve - proposing we leave all positions as they currently are - if someone would like to fill the open positions please see Melissa and we can vote on them.

Current Board:
President                                              Melissa Webb
Vice President
                                     Dave Hanson                                        
                                               *Vacant if interested please see Melissa
                                              *Vacant if interested please see Melissa 

Member at Large                                   Doug & Lori Heschke 
Club Sponsorship                                 Alan Pickett
Recreation Board Liaison
Athlete Member/s                                 Athletes to elect this fall - 

                                                                one 12 and under & one 13 and over
Safety Officer/Head Coach                Jennie Hedrick-Rozenberg   

D. Efundraising through website – magazine subscriptions and restaurants
D. Any other ideas, concerns or thoughts
E. Next Parent meeting to be scheduled

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Proposals to become policies

We have received enough votes to pass the proposals put forth earlier this week.  The proposals K, L, & M will become Policy K, L & M.  If you are opposed or have concerns please contact Melissa Webb.  A big thanks to everyone that voted and gave feedback.