Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Parent Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM on Monday, Aug. 29

Balance on hand  $224.21
A. Grant $’s received $500 Rolscreen Foundation comm. service hours grants – to be deposited balance $724.21
B. Theisen’s Grant application Due 8/31 – requested lane ropes and reel for outdoor pool sent 8/30
C. Pella Community Foundation Grant App. Due 11/15 – requesting communication supplies (laptop and bulletin board)
D. Rolscreen Foundation Services hours due 11/30 – Pella Corp. Employee's and their spouses see Melissa for form to submit

Officer reports:
A. Rec. Liaison: Winter Rec. practice starting Nov. 1         
B. Athlete Rep. No Report          
C. Corporate sponsorship - Turn in sponsorship $’s by Sept. 16th if possible – there will be a money bag at the pool to leave donations in – Please update the spreadsheet on Google docs with notes and donated amounts.  Some of the members have found it is working best if the athletes deliver the letter and drop off a self- addressed stamped envelope with the information so the business’ can mail their donations – Link to letter can be found under sponsors.
Please use the Pool’s Address: Pella Swim Club, 602 E. 8th Street, Pella, IA 50219 –
If the swimmers would like to attach a short introduction about themselves please do so.
501c3 approval letter is available on Sponsors link if a business requests a copy.

Melissa will touch base with Alan P. about coming up with a standard receipt with club ID # for business and a different letter for individual and family sponsors.

Old Business:
A. Letter to City of Pella…City Council meetings… Swim club maybe invited to a meeting this fall to discuss future of the indoor pool – city was sent link to St. Louis Workshops being offered addressing pool renovations etc. cost $120 for unlimited #of attendees
B. General Assembly meeting/elections/information/fall registration meeting…
Monday, Sept. 26 @ 6:45 PM
Location Library meeting room
C. Fall/Winter swim schedule – Official meets stand as approved earlier
D. What is priority for the way sponsorship funds are to be spent – Yet to be determined.  The board approved the purchase of 4 large cones to be used during practices with the dollars collected.   
E. Propose team logo – getting closer – members would like to see a larger mock up
F. Olympic Trials trip – Melissa still working on
G. Policy for # of athletes attending a meet and coaches required attendance based on registered # …
Tabled till more families have had a chance to review the proposed policy –

Proposal J: 
Determination of when a coach is required to attend an official meet
For official team regular season meets the following will apply with regard to the requirement of attendance and the compensation of a coach. 

1. Meets are generally to be compensated at a per meet rate as detailed in the coaches   contract.  This compensation is assumed to cover all scheduled sessions & meetings for a meet.
2. When 3 or more athletes are registered for a session, the coach will be required to be in attendance. 
3. When there are 2 or less athletes registered for a session it will be at the discretion of the coach and President or Vice President of the board to attend the session.  This decision is to be communicated by the coach to the swimmers registered for the session prior to the beginning of the meet.
4. In the event that the above standards allows the coach to eliminate an entire day at the meet; the compensation for the meet may be adjusted by the number of session on that day at a per session rate based on the full meet compensation rate divided by the total number of sessions scheduled for the meet.
5. This policy only applies to the regular season meets not the State meets.  

 New Business:
A. Winter practice schedule - All practices to be held  4:45-5:45
Approved by the city as of 8/30

Wed. 10/12, Fri. 10/14, Wed. 10/19, Wed. 10/26, Fri. 10/28
                Wed. 11/9, Wed. 11/16, Wed. 11/30
                Wed. 12/7, Wed. 12/14, Wed. 12/28 

*winter break this practice date may need to be adjusted
                Wed. 1/4, Wed. 1/11, Wed. 1/18, Wed. 1/25
                Wed. 2/1, Wed. 2/8, Wed. 2/15, Wed. 2/22

B. Fall/Winter dues – these figures include your $59 USA year membership & $30 club dues through  Dec. 2012 – Club approved expense of non-athlete dues and background check costs for any parents wanting to become a certified official or retain certification
                  # of Registered Athletes:
                12 - $275/athlete
                15 - $230/athlete
                18 - $215/athlete
                *No meet costs are included – Avg. cost/meet is $31 – 
one official team meet is offered each month
                **If registered & paid in full by Sept. 26 the athlete qualifies for use of sponsorship dollars for team uniform and championship meet dues - if dues are split into two payments or registered after Sept. 26 no allowance is to be granted. 
                ***Please email Melissa your intentions for Winter season - it will help her set the club dues based on estimated number of athletes to participate

C. Team poster pics – to set date in late Oct.
D. Facebook account has been set up for Pella Swim Club – Melissa apologizes if you got a personal request to friend her instead of the club
F. Club will be putting together an introductory program for 10 and under swimmers and 1st time 11-12  swimmers that want to experience USA – Ideal for those families that have older siblings already in the program or for those that want to try out the program. See Below:

*Next meeting Sept. 26 @ 6:45 PM @ the Library - 
  (Board members please arrive by 6:30)
**Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM
***Respectfully submitted by Melissa Webb 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Next Meeting Aug. 29 @ 6:30

What: Summer USA Swim Picnic/Awards/Meeting       
When: Monday, Aug. 29
6:30 Dinner with Awards to follow and then Board meeting (Webb's to provide hotdogs, ice water and and serving - need to bring a side dish)
Where: 604 157th Place, Otley, IA (Webb's)

***Please plan to turn in Sponsorship gifts collected at the meeting Monday, Aug. 29.  If you are not planning to participate in the drive please let Melissa know she will make sure the letters get distributed and any gifts donated picked up.  Thanks!


Old Business:     
A. Letter to City of Pella…City Council meetings...
General Assembly meeting/elections/information/fall registration meeting
        Monday, Sept. 26 @ 6:45 PM
C. Fall/Winter swim schedule – Revisit official meets
D. What is priority for the way sponsorship funds are to be spent – Uniform, training tools…
E. Propose team logo
F. Olympic Trials trip – Melissa still working on
G. Policy for # of athletes attending a meet and coaches required attendance based on registered # ..call to vote

New Business:
A. Winter Practice schedule to start and establish?
B. Team poster pics – to set date
C. Fall/Winter dues – call to vote (if registered & pd in full by Sept. 26 team suit/uniform allowance to be credited if enough sponsorship $'s secured) (if dues are split into two payments team suit will not be paid for my team)
D. Theisen's Community Grant App. - Pella Comm. Foundation Grant App.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


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Summer Awards Picnic


When: Tuesday, Aug. 9
Time: 6:30 PM
Where: Webb's, 604 157th Place, Otley, IA 50214
What to bring: side dish
Table service, ice cold water, brats and hotdogs to be provided by Webb's

** Short parent meeting to take place after dinner - topics to include
1. Coaching policy for meets per number of athletes registered for meet
2. Alan Pickett to present letter for business sponsorship - families to sign up for business' to approach
3. Discuss winter schedule - when to begin practice based on Jennie's and the pool's availability & cost