Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Parent Meeting

Minutes from Tuesday, May 31 @ Caldwell Park

Melissa Webb called the meeting to order at approximately 6:40 PM.  There were 8 parents and 1 athlete representative present representing 7 families.  Melissa read the notes from the previous meeting.
                Balance on hand was $1284.90. (once pool rental and coaching expenses are paid balance left should be around $50)
                Expenses: $29.13  coaches clinic expenses to cover travel & parking
                Outstanding dues: DeVries $2.50, Heschke .50, Lensing $8.00
                FundRaisers: $43 Efundraising    $199.29 Pizza Ranch

1. 501c3 approval granted May 12, 2011
2. General Assembly Meeting to be held Monday, Sept. 26 @6:45 – Fall registration to take place, short info. Mtg. Elections.

1. HOD Report given by Melissa – Importance of getting meet entries in promptly was discussed
2. Lori H. read letter  to be sent to City of Pella concerning pool depth – Lori to revise and have at Pool later this week for parents to sign
3. Policy and Procedures passed – Details and specifics can be found on link to Policy and Procedure manual
            a. Procedure for meet registration and form to be used …
b. Parent information meeting to be held at start of each season.
c. Highly recommended someone from the board and a senior athlete
              attend the House of Delegates meetings
d. We shall have one senior athlete rep. 13h & one junior athlete rep. 12i
e. Athletes will be required to wear official team suit at official team
                meets…effective Oct. 2011
f. Bookkeeping – each family will have an account maintained with in the
                club to keep track of transactions…

4. Winter official meet schedule passed (Season to start early Oct. – March 1)
Oct. 21-23 ACAC – Ames
Nov. 11-13 DMSF – Johnston
Dec. 10-11 ICE – Iowa City(Mercer)
Jan. 21-22 CIA – DesMoines (Valley)
Feb. 17-19 STATE 12i- MarshalltownY
Feb. 24-26 STATE 13h- Iowa City (Mercer)

5. Allan Pickett to begin working on coordinating corporate sponsorship drive – each athlete/family  to be responsible for an assigned number of businesses to contact
6. Grant applications – Pella Community Foundation due 11/15 –  Wishlist includes pace clocks, lane ropes for outdoor pool, bulletin board
7.  Thank you notes will be at practice on Thursday for athletes to sign for Pizza Ranch and Wendy Sims.
8.  Summer awards gathering to take place Tuesday, Aug. 9 @ 6:30 location to be determined
9. Melissa working on team logo – will contact Graphx2aTee
10. Melissa working on a policy for requiring a coach based on minimum number of athletes and events at a meet

*Next meeting Tuesday, August 9 @ 6:30 – Summer social and awards banquet
**Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.
***Respectfully submitted by Melissa Webb