Friday, May 6, 2011

Meet Registration Deadline May 11

The meet information is now available for our official team meets.
June 10-12 ACAC (to begin accepting meet entries May 11)
July 2-3 CIA (to begin accepting meet entries May 10)

To enter meets please fill out an application for each meet. 
All your athletes can be put on one sheet.  
Put the name of the meet at the top of the paper.
See our blog for explanation of ID# - 
I believe Jennie has the athlete #'s in the computer if you are stumped. 
All families need to have there meet entries for these 2 meets dropped off at the pool by
Summer meets often fill up with-in the first 24-48 hours of entries being accepted. Your promptness is greatly appreciated.   There is large ziploc bag at the pool office marked USA Pella Swim Club for you to leave your entries and entry fees in.  All entries must have the entry fees included or you will not be entered into the meet.  

Please contact Melissa @ 627-5123 with questions.