Monday, April 25, 2011

Swimmers ID #

Each swimmer has a unique 14 digits ID# once they register with USA swimming.

The first 6 digits are the swimmers birth date: mm/dd/yy; the next three letters
are the first three letters of athletes legal first name; the next letter is the middle
initial, followed by the first four letters of the swimmers last name

Example: Sarah Elizabeth Smith born January 13, 1998 = 01131998SARESMIT

If you do not have a middle initial or last name four letters or
longer, the missing characters are a star (*). John Bur would be mmddyyJOH*BUR*.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Summer Information/Sign Up

Summer Sign-up & Parent Information Meeting
Thursday, April 28 
7:00 PM 
Pizza Ranch
(enter through side back door).

*All families interested or planning to participate in the summer USA program are encouraged to come.  Things to cover include summer schedule, dues and fund-raising opportunities.  
Bring your questions and insurance information for sign up. 

**Sign up deadline for USA is May 1.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Parent Meeting

Minutes from Tuesday, April 5, 2011 @ The Community Center

Melissa Webb called the meeting to order at approximately 7:10 PM.  There were 9 parents present representing 7 families.  Melissa read the notes from the previous meeting.
                Balance on hand was $62.28.
Expenses submitted: $5 to fax info to the IRS for the 501c3 application 

1. Pizza Ranch Fund Raiser to be April 28 – Watch email for times to sign up and work
2. 501c3 update – IRS has received application waiting to be assigned to a case worker
3. Fundraising: Pella Corp. employees and their spouses are encouraged to submit volunteer hours through Pella Rolscreen foundation to qualify for grant money.
4. Relay policy was discussed – The following policy was agreed upon :
It is the responsibility of the athletes or parents of the athletes to pay for the expense incurred of being selected to a relay team.  If the club has money in a relay fund to cover this expense the club will do so.  At the beginning of each season the board will notify the coach and team of any funds that have been donated or allocated for relay expenses.  If funds are donated for relay purposes the board will set aside a portion of those funds to pay for relays at the State meets. 
All swimmers will be considered for relays unless they indicate they do not wish to swim on relays at a particular meet or after a certain event number. (Examples include needing to leave early, come late, etc….)  No swimmers can swim-up on relays; However some senior events do allow for open relays.  Open means any age swimmer can swim in that event. The parents of an athlete will be contacted by the person sending in the meet entries if they would like to assign an athlete to an open relay.  Permission will be needed before making an open relay assignment.
If a relay is assigned and a swimmer is ill, there will not be any penalties.  If the relay is scratched due to swimmers’ just “not wanting” to swim and the athlete did not indicate so before events were assigned, that swimmer who scratched will reimburse the team for the total cost of the relay.
5.  Registration date for summer club Thursday, April 28 7:00 – Pizza Ranch back room – Mr. Pickett to check on room availability
6.  Requirements for Assistant coaches –must be Redcross certified lifeguards, take the 80? test, and be willing to go through a background screening – initial cost $54 non-athlete membership due + $50 background check
7.  Summer practice schedule was handed out. 
USA:  Mondays 6:30-7:30AM Dryland  Thursdays 6:30-7:30AM Pool
                Recreation: M, T, Th, F 7:30-8:15AM 11 and up swimmers, 11:15-12:00AM 10 and under
8.  Team Records to include Regional and All-Star times.  Times achieved at Iowa Games will not be included in team records.  Going forward any-time achieved that goes into the swimmers USA data bank will count for a team record if they are currently registered with the Pella Swim Club.

1. Olympic trials to be held in Omaha Nebraska summer 2012 – Melissa to look into coordinating a team trip –
2. Fall General Assembly meeting to be held Thursday, Sept. 29 @ 7:00 PM  - changed to Monday Sept. 26 @ 6:45
3. Kurtis Webb gave a report about Officials training – Watch ISI website for future training dates
4. To help create team cohesiveness the board is interested in finding dollars for team members to have a team t-shirt and/or cap
5.  We need to make parents aware that we may be required to provide timers for meets
5.  Melissa to contact City to see if we could place a bulletin board at the pool to help with communication

Next parent meeting to be Thursday, April 28 @ 6:30 PM before registration meeting at Pizza Ranch - Registration meeting for new families at 7:00 PM
**Meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM.
***Respectfully submitted by Melissa Webb

Monday, April 4, 2011

Midwest Regionals 2011

Way to Go!  swimmers that competed at the Midwest Regional Swim meet in Minneapolis, MN this past weekend.  Congrats to those of you that swam personal bests.  Midwest Regional Results.

Next Parent Meeting

Pella Swim Club Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, April 5  @ 7:00 PM



            Vice Pres. - Rec. board Liason – Athlete Member
            Fund Raising – Pizza Ranch Dates (Mr. Pickett)

a.     Fund-raising update
    - Mr. Pickett to give update on Pizza Ranch – check on dates requested?
    - Pella Corp. employees are encourage to submit a grant request for community service hours you have completed
b.    501c3 update - form completed sent (Melissa)
c.     Relay policy (Jennie) & review handbook.
d.    Set a date for new athlete/parent information meeting – to explain summer USA program original proposed date Tues, April 26 7:00 PM – Need to move to Thursday, April 28 (choir concert on Tuesday – get feedback?)
e.     Requirements for Assistant coaches per ISI (Melissa to give update)
f.     Summer practice schedule (Jennie hoping to have softball schedule)

            a. Olympic trials in Omaha…
            b. Fall General assembly meeting/registration date (Thursday, Sept. 29 7:00 PM)
            c. Officials training – Kurtis

Thursday, April 28 -  Board to meet at 6:30?
Summer Registration and parent info. Meeting to begin at 7:00 PM