Monday, February 21, 2011

Club members compete at ISI State Championships

Feb. 18-20

Coach Jennie Hedrick-Rozenberg
Isaak Webb
Sarah Heschke
Samantha Hedrick
Caleb Gaylor
Madeline Webb 

Five 12 and Under swimmers competed at the ISI State Championships held at Mercer Park in Iowa City this past weekend.  Coach Jennie has much to be proud of with 1 medal winner and a number of top 10 finishes. 

To view meet results click: State Results

Samantha receiving her first ribbon of the meet.

Isaak receiving his bronze medal.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Parent Meeting

Thanks for such a productive meeting last night.  Your input was wonderful and greatly appreciated.  All club members received an updated Athlete/Parent manual and updated code of conduct forms via email for you all to look over.  The highlighted areas are areas I revised.  If you see anything that is in question or doesn't quite represent what you thought we discussed last night please let me know.  I want this program to be our program not my program.  Your input is so very important!!! 

Below is a report from last nights meeting:
*A list of ideas was submitted for Fund-raising ideas.  See Melissa for a list.  The families were interested in securing more corporate sponsorship and filing for Grants once our 501c3 status is granted. 
*Mr. Bailey came forward with a donation of $500 from 3M - the money will go towards purchasing start up supplies.  Melissa gave Mr. Bailey a deposit slip to the club account.

 *Melissa is working towards submitting our paper work to secure our 501c3 non-profit status.  Once this has been granted our club becomes eligible for grants and other sponsorship dollars.    Melissa will follow up with Mrs. Bogaard to consult with before sending in the application.
*Mr. Pickett agreed to be our parent in-charge of coordinating and working to secure more corporate sponsorship dollars
*Families were interested in busing tables at the Pella Pizza Ranch.  Melissa will contact Pizza Ranch to find out what dates are available.  Other ideas that were discussed and interest shown included holding an annual can drive or garage sale to raise funds to help reduce season dues.  If we have a parent interested in coordinating either of these events please let Melissa know.

A Short Wish-list of Expenses:
*$400 501c3 cost
* 3 lane ropes and the reel so we can hold practices outside
* A team bulletin board
* Registration on-line
* Securing - as a website

Other Expenses:
*Coaching level 2 certification class for Jennie in April is being held in Des Moines.  Cost is approximately $200 - Club would like to budget into summer expenses. 
*Someone from our club will be required to attend Business Management class this year held by USA swimming - cost and class time unknown - est. $100

Athlete/Parent Handbook & Code of Conduct forms:
(To be available by April 1)
*Parents went through the handbook and gave lots of great feedback for revisions
*Melissa sent a revised copy Tuesday, Feb. 8 via email - see attachments

Summer 2011 budget/dues: (To be approved and available April 1)
*Melissa went over a budget that was proposed
*Summer practice schedule that was proposed was:1 USA pool practice and 1 USA dry land practice per week
*Athletes are encouraged to take advantage of pool time provided through rec. swim practice, lap swim or other swim programs
*Practice may take place in the early morning - once the rec. practice schedule is set then USA practices will be set.  More specifics to come later.
*Seasonal  Summer Dues are estimated to be around $80-85/athlete
*Club dues were set at $30/athlete (if you are currently a member of the Pella Swim club you will not have to pay this due)
*Swim meets that were proposed to be our official club meets were:
    * June 10-12 in Ames (Stephanie Bailey expressed concern, this is the same weekend the Home-schoolers convention takes place).  We may want to consider a different meet.  Melissa will touch base with Jennie to see if there is different meet that might be an option?
    * July 2-3 in Grinnell (still needs approval from ISI - but looks promising)
    * July 29-31 State meet in Iowa City

Next Meeting:
Please let me know if there is a night during the week that works better than another.

Respectfully submitted Melissa Webb

Monday, February 7, 2011

DASH meet

Our team had handful of athletes make the trip to Dubuque to attend the annual Valentine's DASH meet.  Congratulations to all our swimmers!  You made us proud.

Meet results: DASH

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Club Charter Granted

It is official our club charter has been fully granted.  Our swimmers will now be swimming as Pella Swim Club. 

We have a few steps left to complete in order to retain our charter next year.  A representative must attend a USA Swimming Business Management class and our coach is encouraged to take a few more courses.